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Alon BezalelDBQ 2002 AP EssayNovember, 10, 2013
There were many similarities and differences between the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade from religions until 1500. Some people from the Christianity say that trade and commerce is always bad if a rich person does it others say in Christianity it depends on how a person does the trading like honestly or dishonestly. In Islam most of the people and the Quran says that it also depends on how a person does the trade which compares to the previous sentence. Also there were changes in either societies each religion changed moderately or a lot in terms of religious trading. Although Islam and Christianity are unique religions their attitudes towards trading are both similar and different.

Islam and Christianity compare in many ways in terms of their attitudes towards trading. Document one, two, and five compare in many ways including the way they trade and their attitudes religiously. Although document one is the Christian bible it compares with the attitudes of documents two and five who is a Muslim scholar and the Quran itself. These three compare in that they both think it is always bad to trade. Although document five says it more directly then document one and two all these documents say that trading is bad because it brings out the evil in a man. Document five say the trading is unjust and it is always a dishonest living no matter who the person is. Also document one’s attitude toward commerce is that whoever is rich is going to have a hard time to go to heaven because they will make a dishonest and unjust living. Another document with the same features as these two documents is document two which say that the merchants will be judged with the people who go against religion which shows that being a merchant according to the Quran is a negative thing.

Another document which show similar qualities are documents three, four and six. Document three is from a Christian monk,...
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