Topics: Islam, Middle East, Ottoman Empire Pages: 4 (1590 words) Published: May 12, 2014
Question One:
Analyse the impact of Islamism in Northern Africa and in the Middle East. Islam was destined to become a world religion that created civilization worldwide (Barkati 2011) which succeeded as Islam is the world’s second largest religion after Christianity in the world today. Islam has many impacts and influences in many countries around the world especially in countries in northern Africa and in the Middle East (Diller 1994). Islamism has impact countries in Northern Africa and in the Middle East politically, economically, and culturally.

Factors such as geography, colonisation and population affected the impact of Islam in Northern Africa and in the Middle East greatly. But there were also other factors that were involved as the factors varied overtime as Islam became the dominant religion (HBC 2003). These factors sometimes intertwined with each other. Islam spread its political control rapidly through military defeat over the Middle East, Northern Africa and also in other places. From its birth in the Arabian Peninsula in the 17th century Islam spread through the world rapidly as this was a time where Muslim strength and unity were at their greatest as a result of the success of the Umayyad’s (The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 2007). The European colonisation also had a major impact on the spread of Islamism as they had effects on the function of Islam in North Africa and in the Middle East. The Muslim population also contributed to the spread of Islam as they were dominated in most of the countries in the western continents leading on to the eastern continents. During this time Muslims had an overwhelmingly majority of 100% of Muslims in Saudi Arabia, 94% in Egypt, and 99% in Iran (Siyad 2003).

Islam had always been concerning with the governing of the religious community. As a result of the elements of political movements outside Islam such as the Sunna and the Qur'an created the political aspects of Islam. An example of this is...
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