Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 11, 2014
Islam is one the oldest and most followed religion there is. It is one of the greatest monotheistic religions of the world today. The foundation of Islam and its story is very popular and has influenced people even if they aren't Islamic. Islam was founded by the Prophet Muhammed and his journey to Mecca in the Middle East. Islam has a belief system that is similar to Christianity and Judaism, but also has many special beliefs that are unique to Islam alone. Even if you don't believe in the religious aspect, you can apply yourself and follow the moral values of this religion, which many people have done which has become very popular.

The story of Prophet Muhammed and his journey to Mecca has become very popular amongst Islam people and even non-islamic peoples. Islam was founded on Muhammed's teachings as an expression of surrender to the will of Allah, the creator and sustainer of the world. Muhammed was born in the city of Mecca on the Arabian Peninsula. Traditionally, The Quran began with revelations to Muhammed, when he was 40 years old, in 610. The Prophet Muhammed received The Word of Allah, a revelation, through the archangel Gabriel, or The Holy Spirit. This revelation comprises the Religion of Islam.

Islam has many belief systems, some that relate to other religions and others that are very unique to Islam. One belief that is similar to other religions is that there only one god. In Islam that one God is Allah. There are also three other basic beliefs, Oneness of Lordship, Oneness of Worship and Oneness of Allah's Names and Attributes. Oneness of Lordship is the belief that Allah is the ONLY creator, provider and the commander. Oneness of Worship is the belief that Allah is the only God who should be worshipped and obeyed as Allah prescribed. Oneness of Allah's Names and Attributes is the belief that Allah is perfect and his names and attributes are perfect according to what Allah tells us about himself in the Quran, believing those names and...
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