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In the last 10 years, the United States has made a name for themselves as the terrorist fighting country. Ever since 9/11, the Unites States has made it their agenda to combat with jihadist extremists around the Middle East and potentially rid them out. First it was Al-Queda and the Taliban along with Hezbollah, now we have the notorious group called ISIS. Everyday there is something new being talked about ISIS on the news, and in the end comes down to the question of whether or not we should start a war with ISIS. There are many different opinions to why we should and why we should not, some believe the terrorist group is a big threat and needs to be taken out and the United States should be the ones to do it, others don’t want to start another war with the Middle East. I don't believe starting a war with ISIS is the right thing to do, I believe many problems would arise.

With any war, there are many issues you need to review and weigh out. One main concern with war and military operations is, how much will this cost? We have seen in the past that wars cost a lot of money. According to global research the Afghanistan and Iraq war, over the course of 10 years, has cost the United states an estimated $6 trillion dollars, and about 2 trillion of those dollars was borrowed by the United States from other foreign countries. We are currently still in large amounts of debt, and starting this war with ISIS will just pile onto to it. According to the Boston Globe, the Pentagon has admitted to spending $1 billion dollars so far in the Middle Eastern conflicts. The United States has ordered about 3,000 troops into Iraq, and has led more than 2,000 air strikes according to, these high-intensity air operations could end up costing up to $6.8 billion per year. This is only the beginning, if we declare full on war and thousands of more troops are sent, in the cost will double if not triple.

It is not just paying for the military in the present tense, caring for veterans is also a major expense. For Iraq and Afghanistan, the veterans’ costs is outstanding. Almost half of the troops who served will receive medical and disability benefits for the rest of their lives which could potentially reach up to $1 trillion. Seeing the precedent of our other war should worry Americans, and really make them think twice about invading and starting another war that could potentially cost us billions and even trillions of dollars.

Along with the economics of war, is the question of time. How much time are we willing to commit to this problem? The Obama administration recently submitted a daft resolution into congress that would authorize the ongoing united states military intervention against ISIS. In this resolution, the White House would authorize Obama to deploy troops to fight the Islamic state for a period of 3 years, and after the 3 years the authorization would have to be renewed. The resolution worded it as “enduring offensive ground combat operations.” which is along the lines of the same labeling President George W. Bush used to invade Iraq in 2002, and that war lasted us about 10 years. Just how long is an “enduring” engagement, for example? A year? The full three years of the authorization and beyond? How can we, as citizens of the United States, agree to a war when we have no idea how long it will last?

The longer the war, the more money we spend and the more troops that will have to be sent over. According to the, about 4,486 soldiers died in Iraq, and another 2,345 soldiers died in Afghanistan, an additional 1 million solders were wounded in both wars. Are we ready to send over and potentially lose thousands more of american soldiers lives?

With the ongoing Middle Eastern conflicts, over the course of the last decade, the United States seems to be the main country trying to combat and end terrorism. It leaves many with the legitimate questions of, why are we always the ones to...
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