Ishmael: the Mind and Soul

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Ishmael Benchmark

Ishmael is an “outside-of-the-box” type of book which requires an “outside-of-the box” type of benchmark. For this reason you will be crafting your own projects and making sure that they satisfy the criteria.

PROMPT: Create a project which allows you to show me what you have learned by reading this book and what learning targets you have mastered. Special attention should be paid to the final chapters of the book in order to understand the scope of the project. You will need a visual and a written component. 70% of your focus will go to one component and 30% to the other.

Part 1: Read through the list of learning targets and identify all the learning targets you feel you have met throughout the course of this unit. Write a proposal in which you explain what you plan to do and how you will meet the learning targets you plan to focus on. Note: those of you who have kept up with the work will find you have met quite a few targets. Refer to rubric to see how many you should cover in your project.

Part 2: Do project.
Artists- the art will be the main focus of your project (70%) while the written portion is meant to elaborate on and support the art (30%). The art should be broad in scope (think murals) and the written piece could be an explanatory analysis or a proposal to get the work commissioned. In either you would need to explain the point of your art. Writers- the writing will be the main focus (70%) and could look like a research paper, a literary analysis paper, a persuasive letter, or a series of poems. The art should be fine art or visual aids which deepen our understanding of the ideas presented in your writing.

Part 3: Reflection
Everyone will write a paragraph reflection for each learning target you are aiming to show proficiency on. In this paragraph you need to outline how you have demonstrated proficiency and identify whether you feel you have earned a 2.5, 3 or 4 on that target and why.

All work MUST...
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