Isabel Allende

Topics: Isabel Allende, Salvador Allende, Family Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Isabel Allende was an inspiring Hispanic author, who went through many hardships in her life, yet she was still able to be successful with her writing career. Isabel mostly wrote for young adolescents, (children and young adults). A few of her most well-known novels are The House of Spirits, Paula, The Stories of Eva Luna, and Of Love and Shadows. In her novels, she mentioned many of the things she had gone through in her past and expressed her true emotions about the subject. Isabel Allende is a very strong writer both mentally and physically. Being able to survive a terrible situation and having the strength to write about it is truly amazing. From very young Isabel Allende has had a very tough life. Her father, Tomas Allende was the secretary of the Chilean embassy in Lima, and her mother, Francisca Llona Barros or as most people just called her Panchitia, was just a house wife, as most women during this time are. At the age of three Isabel, her two month old brother Juan, her one and a half year old brother, Pancho, and their maid, Margara, left the abandonment and disaffection of Tomas. Isabel did not know much about her father throughout her life because he wasn’t around very much and practically neglected the family. When Allende was one year old, she and her mother left for her grandparent’s house. While she was there, Panchitia discovered she was pregnant. She had no idea what she would do, so she made the decision to stay until stayed there until her child was born. Instead of waiting out the entire nine months, Panchitia moved her family back to Chile with her husband, where Isabel’s second brother was born. Allende was in her late twenties when Tomas Allende died of a heart attack in the streets of Santiago. After finding out who he was they called Isabel, assuming she might be a relative who could identify the body. The novels of Isabel Allende are often criticized for social and political lack of experience and literary style. However, Allende...
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