Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton
In this essay the life of Isaac Newton is uncovered. It goes into depth about where he lived, where he moved, his family and who he lived with. Within the first few paragraphs you will learn about his education, lifestyle, and family. He had a challenging childhood as his mother was in and out of his life and was widowed two times. He also went in and out of school although he never stopped learning and excelling himself. In the second set of paragraphs his multiple accomplishments are unfolded. He did a lot of work within mathematics, science, religion, etc. He received many high achieving positions such as a Fellow of Trinity College and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics. He created a whole new world for others to explore and unwrap. His great accomplishments within mathematics and science led to the expansion of scientists way of thinking. The last set of paragraphs explains his laws of motion, what they are, and an example as well as how they connect with his Universal Law of gravity. Isaac Newton was a very influential person in history that is now looked at as the creator of calculus and a key person in the creation of physics. Now it is your turn to take a deeper look into Newton growing up, discovering new ideas, his accomplishments and what he found.

Isaac Newton was born on Christmas day, 1642 in Lincolnshire. (It would be Jan. 4, 1643 but England had not adopted the Gregorian calendar yet, “England was still using the "old" Julian calendar at the time of Newton's birth” ( ) His father died two or three months before his birth. When he was three years old, his widowed mother remarried, leaving him in the care of his grandmother. From the ages of 12 through 17, he was educated at The King’s School. Eventually his mother, by then widowed a second time, was persuaded to send him to grammar school in Grantham.

His mother tried to make him a farmer but he hated it. The master at the...

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