Isaac Asimov

Topics: Isaac Asimov, Science fiction, Marriage Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Isaac Asimov
I. Early Years
A. birth
1. Petrovichi, Russian SFSR
2. October, 1919
B. family
1. Juda and Anna Rachel Asimov
2. 2 siblings
C. Lived in Brooklyn, New York
D. Childhood
1. High school newspaper
2. Sci-Fi
E. schooling
1. Excelled in early years skipped grades in high school
2. Attended Seth Low junior college
3. Attended Columbia University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry II. Later Years
A. First Marriage
1. Gertrude Blugerman
2. 1942-1973
3. 2 children
B. Second marriage
1. Janet Opal Jeppson
2. 1973-1992
3. No children
C. Jobs
1. Novelist, short story writer, essayist, historian, Professor of biochemistry, textbook writer, D. Death
1. April 6, 1992
2. Heart and kidney failure
Isaac Asimov was a very influential and creative writer who redefined the genre of science fiction. Born to juda and Anna ozimov in 1919 he quickly became recognized by family and friends by his amazing intellect. In school he excelled very much even skipping a few grades. Always intrigued by science fiction he was continually denied by his father, the freedom to read science fiction works. In his years after high dschool he attended Seth Low junior college and Columbia University where he earned a bachelors in chemistry. Obviously with a knack for the science field he went on to writng. As a writer he rewrote the rules of science fiction writing often times thinking outside of the box. Quite rapidly he gained much recognition for his detailed works of robotic mystery. He wrote many works that are much prized even today and was very successful. Not all was well in his personal life, although, he left his first wife in 1973 and seemingly immediately afterward married his secon wife, janet jeppson. in 1977 asimov suffered a massive heart attack and had triple bypass surgery done. His situation then seemed to lighten as he continued to write. Alas in 1992 asimov passed as a result of...
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