IS4560 Unit 1 Assignment 1

Topics: Attack, World Wide Web, Phishing Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: December 19, 2014
Randy Murphy
Unit 1 Assignment 1

In this assignment we are asked to identify the major threats and security concepts from a whitepaper located on the internet: This report stated that: “There are a number of recent and growing trends in the threat activity landscape that were observed by Symantec in 2009.” These threats are identified as: * Malicious code activity

* Tends to increase in countries experiencing rapid growth in broadband infrastructure and connectivity, , readily available malicious code kits are making it simple for attackers to mount attacks, the online underground economy and malicious activity are benefiting from the downturn in the global economy. * Web-based targeted attacks on enterprises are increasing

* Targeted attacks using advanced persistent threats (APT ) * Designed to remain undetected in order to gather information over prolonged periods. This type of attack has been observed in other large-scale data breaches that caused large numbers of identities to be exposed * Hacking attack using an SQL-injection attack

* The hackers can gain access to a company’s payment processing network. The attackers then installed malicious code designed to gather sensitive information from the network, which allowed them to easily access the network at their convenience. * Researching publically available information about a company or its employees * Creating phishing emails messages, also referred as spear phishing, that will be sent to the company or even specific staff employees. * Messages often contain attachments that exploit weaknesses in client-side applications, or links to websites that exploit vulnerabilities in Web browsers or browser plug-ins. * A successful attack could give the attacker access to a company’s network.
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