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Lab #1 – Part A – List of Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities Commonly Found in an IT Infrastructure

The following risks, threats, and vulnerabilities were found in a healthcare IT infrastructure servicing patients with life-threatening situations. Given the list, select which of the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure is primarily impacted by the risk, threat, or vulnerability.

Risk – Threat – Vulnerability
Primary Domain Impacted
Unauthorized access from public Internet
Remote Access Domain
User destroys data in application and deletes all files
System App Domain
Hacker penetrates your IT infrastructure and gains access to your internal network Lan to Wan Domain
Intra-office employee romance “gone bad”
User Domain
Fire destroys the primary data center
System App Domain
Communication circuit outages
Wan Domain
Workstation OS has a known software vulnerability
Workstation Domain
Unauthorized access to organization owned Workstations
Workstation or End point Domain
Loss of production data
System App Domain
Denial of service attack on organization e-mail server
System App Domain
Remote communications from home office
Remote access Domain
LAN server OS has a known software vulnerability
Lan Domain
User downloads an unknown e –mail
User Domain
Workstation browser has software vulnerability
Workstation Domain
Service provider has a major network outage
Wan Domain
Weak ingress/egress traffic filtering degrades performance
Lan to Wan
User inserts CDs and USB hard drives
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