Is K-Pop a Good Influence or Bad Influence?

Topics: K-pop, Super Junior, South Korea Pages: 4 (1417 words) Published: July 21, 2013
Does K-Pop Brings A Good Influence for Teenagers?

What is K-Pop? K-pop or known as Korean Pop is a new music genre that was originally come from South Korea, Asia. Some say K-pop offered another style of music which has catchier and offer easy listening songs for their lovers. What makes it different too is that the style the singer has shown is something new for us and how they can deliver music on their own way that I believe none of this ever existed before. Just like how they could mix perfectly between the upbeat songs with various kinds of dancing and obviously with their good looking actresses who will make anyone who watch it will fall for them. Good morning Sir/ Madam, today I would like to talk about how K-Pop brings good influences for many teenagers.

The love for K-Pop has been spreading widely nowadays, especially in Indonesia. People are arguing whether K-Pop brings a good influence or bad influence for teenagers.

Firstly, it is fine for teenagers to like K-pop. I believe to be fond of Korean idol is fine. How could I say so? First, as I read on an article, admiring someone who has professionalism in doing their job will bring a good suggestion to the fans that will suggest the fans to do the same. As it is already a fan's nature for admiring and feeling proud to the attitude of their idol. Being a K-pop artist is really hard, they must have good grade at school because their grades would show whether they are willing to learn or not, and have a good skill that has been examined by the agency and also a good attitude. So that’s why professionalism is the most important thing for being a K-pop artist. This professionalism will enforce teenagers to do so. Fans want to be like their idols, K-Pop idols are showing hard working attitude and how they never give up their dreams and become better as time goes by, for example they undergo packed and brutal training schedule in order for them to be better and better. Thus it will motivates the...
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