Is A Sound Knowledge Of Science And Technology Essential For A Well

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Is a sound knowledge of science and technology essential for a well-educated person in today’s world? The birth of science and technology brought humans out of the Dark Age of superstition into the light of true knowledge. Many were the breakthroughs that have come to our sad world after the amazing breakthroughs of the pioneers of science. Science has given birth to a new way of thinking that has given humans all over the world better lives. The new way of thinking brought with it so many blessings and education was one aspect of life which benefited most from it. With all the knowledge available to give us better lives, a good life is not even thinkable without a sound knowledge of science and technology. Anyone who does not have a sound knowledge of science and technology cannot be called well-educated in today's world.

It is possible to live in the world today, as it always has been, without a knowledge of science and technology; in fact millions do. Seen in this light, we observe that science is not essential, though it does help greatly in life. The simple native who lives in his 'primitive' environment is happy without any of our scientific knowledge and technological gimmicks. However, surely a knowledge of science will give him a better life. He will be rid of all the superstitions and thoughts of harmful spirits which go about causing all sorts of evil. If he learns to think in a scientific manner, he will make use of the accumulated knowledge of the human race; rather than eke out a living from his environment. In spite of this, he can live, because in his environment there is no need for him to master scientific knowledge. In fact, we can safely say that as far as his environment is concerned, he is well-equipped.

In the case of a well-educated person, he is in a different environment altogether. He has to know how to live in his environment. When surrounded by a world which runs on scientific principles, the modern person cannot live a...
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