Is Your Generation Wiser Than Your Grandparents' Generation?

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Is your generation wiser than your grandparents’ generation?

This question has been asked about numerous times in the past and yet with so many people pondering and contemplating about it, there’s no definite answer to this question. It all comes down to how you look at it.

From my point of view, I think that the current generation is becoming more and more of a ‘book smart’. There is a clear divide between a ‘book smart’ and a ‘street smart’. Being ‘book smarts’ means being smarter while ‘street smarts’ means being wiser. The current generation may well be smarter than the previous generation as they are spoon-fed with all the knowledge and information accumulated through the ages starting from the first day they step into a school. These massive amounts of knowledge and information which is the work of countless scholars, philosophers, researchers and other intellectuals in the past are taught to our generation in schools and we, the current generation, are expected to digest all of it without complaint. This phenomenon certainly causes the current generation to be more of a ‘book smart’ than a ‘street smart’.

It is an obvious fact that the current generation has unparallel technological advancements and inventions which make life in the 21st century all the more convenient and comfortable, something that our grandparents’ generation is devoid of. But more importantly the technological luxury that we have today causes us to be more and more dependent on technology. Nowadays, no matter which age group you come from, you would most probably use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bling or any other well known search engines to look for information you need on the internet. This is clearly not the case back in the old days. Whenever our grandparents’ generation is in need of information, they would have to look for it themselves in other places, for example, the library.

In this new millennium, we certainly have taken technology...
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