Is Weed as Bad as They Say?

Topics: Cannabis, Hemp, Psychoactive drug Pages: 4 (1315 words) Published: March 2, 2002
Is Weed As Bad As They Say?
Illegal drug use is a major problem in the world today. Millions of dollars are spent every year to prevent the distribution of drugs. All drugs is smuggled into the United States concealed in false compartments, fuel tanks, seats, tires of private and commercial vehicles, pickup trucks, vans, mobile homes, and horse trailers (Pierson. 12-8-01) Large shipments is usually smuggled in tractor-trailer trucks in false compartments and in bulk shipments, such as agricultural products. The government has created ways to cut down on drugs. Yet the drug crisis is greater today then ever. Marijuana is one the most widely used illegal drug. Over the past thirty years the government has condemned Marijuana. So in this paper, I will be describing the pros and some cons about the use of Marijuana. Marijuana use should be legalized because of the beneficial uses that our economy can gain from weed.

Marijuana, also spelled Marihuana comes from the Indian hemp plant, cannabis sativa (Gwinn. Pg.764). It is a crude tobacco like substance produced by drying the leaves and flowery top of the cannabis plant. It is put into pipes or formed into joints, similar to a cigarette, for smoking. Recently, it has appeared in cigars called blunts. The drug is a mild hallucinogen meaning that it distorts sensory perceptions. Marijuana has a wide variety of street names including pot, tea, grass and weed (Dudley. pg. 21) Marijuana can also be added to foods such as brownies and beverages.

The intoxication part of the plant is mostly in its strong-smelling, sticky, golden resin. The hemp flowers, especially those of the female plant, gives the strong smell off. Many users describe two phases of marijuana effects as initial stimulation, giddiness, and euphoria, followed by sedation and pleasant tranquility. Mood changes can often accompany altered perceptions of time and space of one's bodily dimension (Gwinn. pg.765). The hemp plant can be found...
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