Is war inevitable?

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Is war inevitable?

What is war? Why is war considered inevitable? According to Oxford dictionaries (2014),
War is defined as “a state of armed conflict between countries or groups within a nation or state”, generally involves competitions of a dispute with fierce and hostile conflicts. However, argumentative comments and debates on war as an inevitable situation are usually uncertainty and the result of war as inevitable often relates to the manipulation of conflict and how the war is going. Thus, the answer of it is always complex and complicated.

Despite It may seems impossible to create or construct a world without conflict, but perhaps conflict is not the problem when solving them. It seems to be a natural outcome of the friction of people living together, sharing resources, aspirations and obstacles

If fact, the causes of war are usually results due to strong desire in territory dispute, benefits on economy gains, test of new armaments, fame of glory in controlling over things or groups and etc. In addition, all the causes are seen to be the reason on why a war is inevitable because most of the war happens due to our human nature of self-determination on choices and decisions on our preferences and interests, as conflicts will then occur because of disagreement on inconsistent in agreement or approval over the opposition. Taking a few war as examples, The
Syria civil war, started when Syria’s government system disagreement on citizens’ requests for the tortured kids' release, Syria’s claim of democracy and greater freedom for people in the country. Situation worser as the Syria government angrily responded to the citizens, terminated

people around Syria citizens. World war II, happened when German initiates invasion against
Poland, as Hitler, Nazi leader in German, decision in seeking to regain his territory and dominate
Poland and he intention to calls for war. Vietnam War, started when vietnamese communist fighting French power to take hold of Saigon,

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