Is vs It

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Information systems (IS) focuses on the system making use of technology and information technology (IT) focuses on technology and how it can help in disseminating information. Usually Information system are build using the information technology.

Information system referring to system designed to create, store, manipulate, communicate and disseminate information. Information systems typically include an IT component but are not purely concerned with IT, focusing in instead, on the end use of information technology. Information systems are also different from business processes. Information systems help to control the performance of business processes. Information system is rather large field of study that refers to systems that are designed to create, modify, store and distribute information. Information systems as a field of study has been around much before computers arrived on the scene.

Information technology can be considered as a subset of information systems. It deals with the technology part of any information system, and as such deals with hardware, servers, operating systems and software. A system is always a combination of people, machines, processes and technology. Information technology is just a part of the system. Information technology, better known as a tool or device that helps to get more data from information system and it helps in facilitating many things and employment, particularly for the use of time.

IT is about technology which is consist of electronic device, computing technology and communication technology. While IS is about the usage of IT tools by group of people or staff in managing information such in organization. IT is the technological components and IS is the collection of technological components, users and data into systems designed to produce information to aid decision making.

Information systems (IS) focuses on the system making use of technology and information technology (IT)

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