Is Using Animals for Experimentations Right

Topics: Science, Human, Experiment Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: October 8, 2011
Is using animals for scientific experiments right?
This debate is about whether we should experiment on animals for scientific and medical purposes. For many centuries people have experimented on animals, for particular reasons which have restricted set of rules which have to be done before experimenting any kind of experiment. Human beings share about 99% of their genes with chimpanzees and only slightly fewer with other monkeys. As a result, the reactions of these creatures are a very good guide to possible reactions of human patients. Furthermore, it would be immoral to risk the life of a human being when a medicine or procedure could instead be tested on a non-human animal. All animal experiments should be closely monitored so as to minimise animal suffering. The fact that there are new issues here does not mean that there should never be any experiments on animals. In addition, experiments are done on animals to test medicines and surgical procedures for using on animals themselves, not just on humans. It is also possible to experiment on animals without being cruel to them. Using anaesthetics wherever possible and keeping animals in clean, comfortable, and healthy conditions should also be taken in consideration before experimenting. Reduction of human suffering must be taken as a first priority and the prevention of animal suffering or death is secondary to that. I believe that the future developments for animal testing should be monitored more closely and should be cautiously experimented. Fewer animals should be tested to avoid any error or failure while being tested. Animals’ however, continue to be tested annually even though it is very restricted in some areas.
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