Is Transformation Important?

Topics: Personal life, Learning, Child Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: February 20, 2012
What is change? Change is an essential element of our daily life. Change is required to develop from a child into a mature adult. Our life revolves around change.Subsequently the unforeseen challenges in life alas take place, therefore, involuntary adaptation is critical. Changing does not mean “forfeiting” one's soul, instead through transformation, we are gaining experience and confidence to become better and better people.

Altering from childhood into adulthood is an essencial element for every person. Growing up as a child, I remember my parents expecting very little of me. As I was transforming into a young adult, mature actions were projected, but first transphormation took place. When styling my dolls, I was developing my own Grooming techniques; attending school, I was developing intellectually; building relationships, my social skills were increasing; simultaneously, habits were being formed. Once the transformation from childhood to adulthood was complete,I was ready to be called an adult.

Transformation is an essential element of our daily life. It revolves all around us. For a child shifting from elementary to middle school is both a physical and mental change. An adult endures same feelings when changing careers. In the article, American born Chinese (page 126), Gin Wang’s life overcomes transformation when his family moves to America. Similarly over ten years ago my family and I immigrated to this country from Ukraine. The language barrier was the first essential change we had to encounter among many other cultural shocks. Adapting to a new lifestyle, tasting a variety of foods, learning the culture, were all critical rudiments for a successful life in America. Naturally, we had the opportunity to reside in our Ukrainian culture, but we would only find ourselves baffled with our new life in U.S. therefore, the necessary adaptation took place.

Occasionally life happens and we are faced with unexpected situations when involuntary...
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