Is This Reality or Just Perception?

Topics: Nigeria, Abuja, Politics of Nigeria Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: June 26, 2013

You don't have to like this article. 
Yeah, you heard me right and I don't expect you to like me either, after all we do not know each other. I am not a saint, but I've got a conscience and I believe in God just like most of you reading this. However if you do not believe in Him, then I respect you a lot, for although I tried very hard, I never could bring myself to denying His existence. I am at a very precarious stage of life, which is very ironic considering the fact that I am well educated man without a Bsc degree.  It's ironic because here I am, waking up everyday to the harsh realities of the life of the average Nigerian youth with no job or discernable source of income in sight.  We were taught many things in school, like why does E=MC*, as well as what causes the earth to rotate on its axis, but not why a youth in Maitama Abuja [the Federal Capital territory of Nigeria] has more cars than he can drive everyday in a year while his counterpart in the streets of Kano,Nigeria roams about, plate in hand ,depending on the goodwill of strangers for his daily sustenance. Call it what you want, social cum economic inequality, or go the extra mile of using charts to explain that phenomenom. These things make me very angry.

What things?
What things?
War in the Middle east
Avoidable accidents and bombings in Nigeria
Erratic power supply.
The fact that I'm approaching fatherhood and have cannot remember when last I had peace of mind. What happens when I have mouths to feed? How about the unequal distribution of wealth in Nigeria?
Or police brutality?
Or the fact that the Federal Government of Nigeria is pleading with the Boko Haram sect /terrorist [rumored to have links to the Al-Qaeda group] to accept amnesty?  Need I go on?
Let's face it; living in Nigeria is a task getting harder with each passing second. The task masters (wrapped up in their comfort zones) are so...
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