Is They a Place Foir Creation Story's in the Modern World

Topics: Evolution, Creationism, Universe Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: April 21, 2013
In The modern world many people claim that there is no room for Creation Story's as science now presents new theories to the universe's creation that can be partially backed up by evidence. The most commonly known creation story is the one of Christianity which explains god making the world other 6 days or time periods and then resting on the seventh. Scientists often strongly oppose creation story's due to theories such as the big gang theories which gives a plausible answer to how the world was created

Some people claim that there is a place for Creation story’s as some contain hidden morales to try and guide a young person to making the right decisions such as the story of Adam and eve in Christianity as it shows the consequences of being greedy.

One of the main scientific theories that opposes Creation story’s is Evolution a theory that was discovered by Charles Darwin. It shows that living things evolve and adapt to their environment over millions of years so that they can survive. This strongly opposes Creation story's as Most creation story’s depict god making everything whilst Darwin shows us evolving from apes.

How ever Creationist often respond to this as the creation story's are just simple versions of the theory of evolution as in the creation story even though god is seen Creating everything he creates it in the same order as things are supposed to have evolved in.

Another Reason that People thing there is no place for Creation story's in the modern world is that there is no proof at all to support them apart from what can be read in a holy book it is a record but it cannot be proven that it could be possible for it to happen. Also the fact that the story has been passed down for thousands of years gives the idea that it could have been altered several times by accident through spreading via word of mouth.

Creationists often say that creation story’s were crested to give a explanation to our beliefs from what technology was available...
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