Is There Racial Profiling Against African Americans

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America is a beautiful place where people are supposed to live in peace and be treated equally. But, some people may disagree with this because they are mistreated due to their racial background. Racism has always been a problem everyone has to encounter at some point in his or her life. However, most people would not think that the police would contribute to the racism trouble that we have. Unfortunately, they encourage the negative issue by having a code called racial profiling. Racial profiling is where the police think certain minorities commit certain crimes. For instance, if most black men are drug dealers, then a black man will be accused of being one almost every time they come across a police officer. The reason I think this is a social issue is because, the cops are the one who are there to protect and serve, but when they are harassing black motorist then who are they protecting.

Early Overview

In this paper you are about to read the views of others about racial profiling against African Americans, you will see how some say that from slavery until now, there has been a concerted effort by the white power structure to harass and intimidate the Black population, then there are others who say that the reason that there is racial profiling against African Americans is because of the high rate of crime that African Americans commit and that if African Americans wants racial profiling to stop then they needs to stop creating crimes. In the first section you will be reading about is called Driving While Black and this will talk about how the police try to use justification for their arrest. The second section is called Why Cops Stop and Frisk So Many Blacks and this will talk about how some believes that the reason that African Americans are pulled over and searched often is because of their high crime rate. The third section is called LAPD says race not a factor and this article tell you about how they are complaints about racial profiling by police officers, nothing is done about it  

Literature Review

I have chosen a few articles as a basis of my theory on racial profiling against African Americans Driving While Black
The reason that I have chosen the article is to show how that the police try to use justification for their arrest, like in this article it talks about in San Diego, the police are ever vigilant to pull over black people driving expensive cars. In October of 1997, a black man named Shawn Lee and his girlfriend were stopped by the California Highway Patrol on Interstate 15. Lee, a member of the San Diego Chargers football team, and his girlfriend were handcuffed and held by police for more than an hour. The patrolman said that they were detained because Lee was driving a car that fit a description of one that had been reported as stolen that night. This story was false. Lee was driving a new Jeep Grand Cherokee. The stolen vehicle was a Honda. A similar kind of racial typing is evident up the coast in supposedly liberal Santa Monica. In the fall of 1996, two police cars tailed Darryl Hicks and George Washington, two black men, as they pulled into the parking garage of their hotel. The police cruisers turned on their lights and at gun-point ordered the men out of their cars. The men were handcuffed and placed in separate police cars. Washington and Hicks' car was searched. The police claimed the men were being detained because they fit the description of suspects wanted in a string of nineteen armed robberies. The officers also said one of the men appeared to be "nervous". Washington and Hicks later sued the police officers for false arrest and civil rights violations. In ruling for the two men, the court determined that the armed robberies had not occurred in Santa Monica and that neither of the men fit the descriptions of the robbers. Why Cops Stop and Frisk So Many Blacks

I have chosen this article to show that some believes that the reason that African Americans are pulled over and...

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