is there pride in serving our military

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“Is there Pride in Serving in Our Military?”
Is there pride in our military? Living in a free country and benefiting from the freedoms that our military have given to us, I would conclude that there is definitely pride in our military. There is not as much pride as there used to be though. When I think of pride I think of dignity and importance, and being proud. If we did not have pride then everything would not be the same. There is a difference between the men and women who served a long time ago and the ones who serve now. There is different timing, different reasons and agendas, for why there is pride. It all comes down to knowing and seeing that you are a part of a larger organization and that you are making a difference in in our nation, and in our world. I believe that those in the military now and in the past should be honored with the utmost respect. Because of 9/11 we are at war with terrorism. Many lives have been lost because of terrorism, and also for the fight against it. My grandfather served in WWII, and I greatly respected him. Even at his funeral, he was honored for serving when my grandmother was given a flag. This made our whole family very proud. Another reason that pride exist is that someone is out there protecting us, someone is missing their own family so that I can be with mine. They are being unselfish and have made a decision to risk their life for mine, and also to possibly better my life while living in America. We can show our pride by having homecomings for the soldiers when they arrive back from overseas. We can display the perfect American flags as a way of showing pride, and have parades and honor them with rewards. I think we take for granted getting to see our parents and loved ones everyday, because there are many families that have loved ones that are oversees or have even been killed while on duty. Pride is also shown among several generations of families when the grandfathers, sons, and grandsons serve in our...
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