Is the Space Race Worth It?

Topics: United States, Millennium Development Goals, Space exploration Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: December 27, 2008
Is the space race really worth it? In a world embroiled in endless problems, starting from rising food and oil prices, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, high infant mortality rate, terrorism to the threat of global warming and climate change, one may question the significance of the world beyond ours. In a state of global political and social instability, is the space race really worth it? Taking into account the 8 millennium development goals, projected to be achieved by 2030 instead of 2015, and the prosperity the achievement of these goals will bring about, the space race does not seem superficial to it. The importance of human lives is irreplaceable. Thus, striving to locate extra terrestrial life forms is not worth the effort; especially when every 3.6 seconds a person dies of poverty and hunger. With 72 million children being deprived the right of education and a prevalent 75% poverty, only in Africa, the advantages of space advancement appear not to be advantages rather wasted expenditure on the part of countries. The under developed nations where people can not enjoy basic commodities such as food, health and sanitation, are completely deprived off the benefits of space technology. This aids in widening the pre-existent gap between the underdeveloped and developed world in terms of advancement. The goal of halving the population of underweight children will be missed by 30 million due to slow progress in Africa and Asia. So does the rat race of acquiring advancements in space technology seem superficial to the intelligent minds of today? Has the sense of universal brotherhood and fraternity been lost upon those living in better conditions? Political disorder has brought the economic condition of countries to a stand still. The tainted picture is further disembodied by the sky high prices of food and oil. Furthermore, the absence of civil liberties in countries such as Burma and Pakistan forms impenetrable ozone of tension and anxiety. People are not only...
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