Is the Ryder Cup Overhyped?

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Is the Ryder Cup overhyped?
With the Americans leading 9-6 ½ and needing only 7 ½ more points on the final day to win their first Ryder Cup since 1999, the event still only managed to draw an unimpressive 3.3 rating on NBC. While the ratings were up 22% from 2006 standards, when the US players went across the pond, they were slightly higher than what WWE wrestling show draws on a weekly basis. The ratings look even more anemic (3.3 vs 13.5) when compared to the NFL football game that the Ryder Cup was pitted against. For an event that is hyped much like a major, it really failed to deliver viewers.
But ratings are not the only facet where the Ryder Cup lacks. It is true that the Ryder Cup usually has a cast that makes up almost half of the top fifty ranked world golfers but other than fighting for national pride the event does not really help them with their careers. Unlike winning any the four majors or other various championships, the Ryder Cup does not have the highest purse nor does winning the event allow the player/s any exemptions for this or any other major events. Further by winning majors, golfers usually receive large bonuses from their sponsors and may be able to negotiate better contracts giving a tournament golfer some security in an unstable profession.
Also, the reputation of the greatest players in golf history is largely based on the number of major championship victories they accumulate not the number of winning Ryder Cup teams they were on. So how can an event that does not mean a lot to the careers of golfers receive the same hype as the major championships? The answer is simple, it shouldn’t. The hype surrounding the Ryder Cup is totally media driven. With no major golf events held in September, every two years broadcast stations get a chance to overhype an event that they hope will produce viewers.
Further, some would still argue that all the hype surrounding the Ryder Cup is warranted as the tournament has a unique prestige factor, as

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