Is the Liberation War of Bangladesh a Revolutionary War

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Is the Liberation War of Bangladesh a Revolutionary War

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Date of submission: 28th July 2011.

1. Introduction:
The liberation war of Bangladesh is a historic event which brought dramatic change in existing social economic and political system of East Pakistan. Though many experts disagree that this war is not a revolutionary war, we might see many of the criteria of revolutionary war in it. If we carefully notice about the dimensions, strategy and result of the war then we can see that it was a revolutionary war though some of the criteria of revolutionary war were absent. So to settle this controversy we have to deeply observe the dimensions, strategies and the result of this war.

2. Revolution and Revolutionary war:
The word revolution has come from the Latin word revolution which means fundamental change in power or organizational structure that takes place in a relatively short period of time. Jeff Goodwin defines revolutions as—

“Any and all instance in which a state or a political regime is overthrown and thereby transformed by a popular movement in a irregular, extraconstitutional and/or violent fashion”1 Jeff Goodwin argues that it is a broad definition. He defines revolution in narrow as- “Revolution entails not only mass mobilization and regime change, but also more or less rapid and fundamental social economic and /or cultural change, during or soon after the struggle for the state power.”2 Jack Goldstone defines revolution as—

“An effort to transform the political institutions and the justification for political authority in society, accompanied by formal or informal mass mobilization and noninstitutionalized actions that undermine authorities.3 So revolution is an effort to transform the political authority and to bring change in existing social system undermining the existing authority in power. When we call about revolutionary war, we draw attention about that war which has almost of these criteria, when a war occurs to overthrow the existing political authority, transform political institutions, bring dramatic change in social system and is accompanied with non institutionalized fashionable violent actions undermining authorities, it is called revolutionary war.

3. Dimensions of Revolutionary war:
There are several dimensions in which the revolutionary war depends when these dimensions are transparent, the revolutionary war takes places. The war experts and strategists have indentified six dimensions of revolutionary war. These are---- i) Political Dimension

ii) Military Dimension
iii) Socio-economic Dimension
iv) Cultural and ideological Dimension
v) Psychological and Dimension
vi) International Dimension

i) Political Dimension:
In a revolutionary war two structures is very important, political and military, but political structure is more important than military and there must be a coalition between them. Cuban Revolution is the best example of a revolutionary war. Fidel Castro was both a political and military leader that’s why it is called a revolutionary war. The main concern of a revolutionary war is to make the people aware that we need revolution but it is a very difficult task because of many traditional barriers. For example civil war of Greece in 1946. This revolutionary war was failed because it was difficult to make people aware that we need revolution, so in every time it is very difficult to make a revolutionary war successful as human norms are not same. Things that need to make a revolutionary war are to make awareness that existing government is not legitimate....

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