Is the Death Penalty Justified?

Topics: Murder, Prison, Capital punishment Pages: 5 (1824 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Is the Death Penalty Justified?
Jessica Valentine
PHI 103 Informal Logic
Professor Stephen Carter
March 20, 2012

Is the Death Penalty Justified?
The death penalty will always be a topic some people refuse to talk about. When in fact, it is a very serious topic and people should know how and why the death penalty is not justified. I believe the death penalty is not justified in the least bit because there are people sitting up in prison just living life because the state does not want to pay for an execution, or they find it to be morally corrupt. Personally if you committed a crime that resulted in someone dying then you deserves to die as well. The idea of killing another human does not sit well with people and that is mainly the reason why they are against the death penalty, when they should be for the death penalty because it will cost the state less and a person who took a life will no longer be walking the earth.

The death penalty which was established in the nineteen hundreds was created to put people to death for the crime they have committed. My argument for this topic is I am for the death penalty in many different ways. If a person is about to be sentenced to death they might possibly take a plea bargain.“Interviews with prosecutors and defense attorneys in a state where the maximum punishment for murder is death and a state where the maximum punishment for murder is life without parole are used to explore the role of the death penalty as leverage in plea bargaining, as compared to the role of a maximum sentence of life without parole” (Ehrhard-Dietzel, 2012). It cost the state nearly 216,000 dollars to follow through with a prisoner being executed. Yes, this seems like a lot of money but in turn it is actually a lot less than it costs to pay for an inmate to live in prison for the rest of their life until they die. It cost about sixty five dollars a day to house an inmate so if you multiply that by 365 days you get 23,725. If you multiply that by 50 years then you get 1,186,250. This is how much the state is paying for each prisoner to live on death row. The state is throwing away money every year by continuing to pay to house death row inmates rather than paying for the execution. While people who have committed crimes either because it is all they know or they were in the wrong place at the wrong time the fact of the matter is they did commit the crime and if a person was killed in the process then the person who committed the crime deserves to have their life taken away in my opinion. Many families who have suffered the loss of a family member due to murder from gang violence or whatever the reason was that they died would like to see the person who killed their family member get what they deserve. In other words retaliation so to speak is what the family would want but they do not want another one of their family members to do it or do it themselves because then that would put them in the same situation as the person who murdered their family member first. For instance, everyone has heard about the Trayvon Martin case that recently occurred in Florida. The man who killed Trayvon named George Zimmerman killed a teenage boy for no reason at all and the cops are doing nothing about it to this date, so therefore it is making people very irritated that nothing is being done about a murder that occurred for no reason at all. With all this coming about people is going to start thinking that since there is nothing being done they need to take things into their own hands. Which is wrong, the justice system needs to do the correct thing and arrest the man who has killed an innocent kid. In my eyes this man George Zimmerman has killed someone so if he went to court faced a jury and was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty I believe he should not be allowed to live in prison for free for the next fifty years it is not right by any means. The Death Penalty was put into action for a reason it is about...

References: Ehrhard-Dietzel, S. (2012, March). The Use of Life and Death as Tools in Plea Bargining . Criminal Justice Review , pp. Vol. 37, Iss. 1; pg. 89.
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