Is Thailand Safe for Tourists?

Topics: Theft, Crime, Security Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: August 27, 2013
At the present time, tourism is the major economic factor of Thailand which more than 20 million foreign tourists visited Thailand each year. Even there are many news about road accidents and crimes in Thailand which lead to a significant question of safety in the Kingdom. Still, in my opinion Thailand is safe for everyone.

In the first place, Thailand has moderate crime rate when compare to other developing countries. Furthermore, the crime threat in Thailand is lower than many American cities. I have been living in Thailand since I was born and I have never felt endangered walking wherever and whenever. Although the criminal rate is lower than many countries, there are still some criminal reports on each day as same as every countries in the world. Mostly criminal cases are burgle, theft, scam, respectively. These thefts are generally non-violent. Furthermore, in many places such as hotels, public buildings or airports are usually provided security guards, cameras or security systems to prevent a crime.

Traffic in Thailand is a major safety problem with a mixture of motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses. On the other hand, that doesn't mean that Thailand is unsafe for tourists. Some researchers showed that many road accidents of tourists caused by alcohol consumption. Another factor is tourists who drive are unfamiliar with Thailand road rules and unaware of the penalties for breaking traffic laws. Some rode motorbikes without having a driving licence and with little or no driving experience. This means most of accidents happened from their negligent. In additions, buses and taxis are generally safe. If tourists will travel only in Bangkok, skytrain and underground subway (MRT) are recommend because it more safer and can prevent traffic jams.

Finally, Thailand is very safe, millions of tourists visit the Kingdom with no problems. Tourists have no need to worry about these issues and just take same precautions as they would take in their own country...
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