Is Soy Milk Safe to Drink or Not?

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Does it cause health problems or is it healthy and may reduce risk of disease? Does it help prevent bone loss? Is soy milk safe to drink or not? What is the ongoing debate about, and what are the issues and evidence? I am all for incorporating healthy food into my eating habits. That is, if I know the lowdown both pro and con. When I decided to add soy to my diet, I discovered there was a lot I did not understand about soy. Therefore, I began to research. I continue to follow the ongoing and obviously debate-worthy exploration into eating soy. I’ll share some of what I have learned along the way. Benefits of Soy Milk Over Regular Milk. Soy milk has been around for a long time now and is increasingly becoming popular primarily for two reasons, i.e. weight loss and lactose intolerance. Of course, soy milk does offer a whole lot of health benefits that are highly appreciated by the health and fitness conscious. These benefits definitely outdo some of those offered by cow's milk. Further, studies have shown that having children consume soy formula right from the beginning may be a more intelligent choice than having them consume formula prepared from cow's milk. Here, we discuss how soy milk may be better for you than regular milk and why you should consider switching to it. Students in ENG 101 will learn how to draft and revise essays on topics of interest to the college community and other well-educated audiences. In doing so, students will learn how to express their own ideas while also considering the ideas of others.

SOY MILK will kill you!!!!???? (which milk alternatives are best?) There has been a lot of controversy surrounding animal milk past the weaning age, as well as some milk alternatives (such as soy milk). I thought it would be a good idea to research the different types of milk and milk alternatives, and come to a better understanding of the pro's and con's, in hopes that I could come to a more well rounded understanding about which one is best. Currently I am a huge organic soy milk fan, but I have had both almond and rice milk with success, other than my husband who hates them both and is stuck in his soy ways. When I was kid I used to chug dairy milk like water, and goat's milk I have only had one tasting, and it wasn't good. So, which 'milk' is best? Which milk will kill me (that may be an exaggeration), and which milk will sustain me?. So, here goes...the milk debate! (with special emphasis on 'soy' milk, due to all of the controversy):

Soy Milk (bean):
The Good:
- Soy products contain isoflavones (what?). Isoflavones are compounds found in soy beans, red clover, green tea, some beans and legumes, and have have been linked to cancer prevention, slowing or reversal of osteoporosis, reducing the risk of heart disease, and the treatment of menopausal symptoms (but this is controversal; there is concerns about the negative impact of isoflavones). - Many of the controversies have been predominantly linked to animal testing, rather than human. That being said, animals absorption of soy, and the subsequent issues, are not indicative of what the human body will endure. One study placed focused on Asian infants, many of whom have been fed soy formulas/ products for centuries without any extensive, negative data. - Soy milk is typically fortified with several vitamins and minerals, and naturally contains vitamins A, D, E and K. - For those who are lactose intolerant, soy-milk is a safe option in that it reduces the frequency of digestive, gastrointestinal problems (such as bloating, gas, cramping, etc.) that stems from dairy consumption. - A nutrient-dense food. Few foods contain as much nutritional bang for the buck as this bountiful bean. Ounce for ounce, calorie for calorie, the soybean gets top-billing as a rich source of protein, unsaturated fats, fiber, B-vitamins, folic acid, potassium, calcium, zinc, and iron - and it's cholesterol-free. There is no other single food that supplies so much...
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