Is “Serving the World’s Poor Profitably” Good for Business and Good for the World’s Poor ?

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Current Issues in Business Ethics and CSR.

If you are not sure about anything ask me in class or email me (click on blue).

SUBMIT ON BLACKBOARD Friday 18 January 2013.

Assignment learning objectives/outcomes:

• to develop your learning in current issues in Current Issues in Business Ethics and CSR.

• to stimulate your analytical, critical, and evaluative faculties. To put topics into a particular context.

• to help prepare you for the kinds of situations you may face as a future manager.

• to encourage and develop your information gathering and processing skills (investigative skills)

• to be competent at applying relevant theory/literature/best practice to reality

• to encourage and develop your written presentation skills

• all the above as part of a broader aim to produce professional managers with an awareness and understanding of ethics

The marksheet is on Blackboard. Here are 4 pieces of advice from me based on 14 years lecturing and marking assignments:


✓ display capacity for objective thinking
✓ make use of sources from the course reading-list
✓ alongside sources from the course find some additional academic sources. ✓ demonstrate original thinking
✓ apply thoughtfully theory/literature to the question ✓ INFORMED THINKING demands wide reading


✓ meaningful and relevant literature references in text of response ✓ it is essential that you read widely from Current Issues in Business Ethics and CSR reading-list ✓ clear evidence of student making use of library and internet facilities additional references through students own literature search ✓ detail beyond lecture/textbook

✓ ensure you reference your sources clearly in the text of your answers and not just in the bibliography.


✓ strong attention...
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