Is Second Life Ready for Business

Topics: Marketing, Collaborative software, Management Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Case Study

a). Go through the Case Study on page 67(All Case Studies are available in your textbook “Management Information Systems”).

b). Once you have completed the case study please answer all questions relating to the case study, which are located at the end of each case study. 1.How can Second Life provide value to businesses that use it?

Second Life can be a birthing ground for new industries and transform business, commerce, marketing and learning the same way that the Web did in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. It also can facilitate internal communications and to position themselves at the forefront of the digital landscape in order to recruit tech-savvy employees. Second Life is a low-cost business tool and also a new marketing tool.

Companies can use Second Life as a business tool for online conferencing, online collaboration, knowledge management and prototyping. Also companies can test new products using Second Life’s 3-D rendering programs, experiment with new marketing and advertising campaigns to see how people react, receive feedback on real-world products or services.

2.What kinds of businesses are most likely to benefit from a presence on Second Life? Why?

Retail businesses that are already used to doing business online may have an easier time of establishing a viable presence on Second Life. They are used to advertising and marketing to customers online and have the systems built for taking orders, accepting payments, and shipping products. Other companies, like IBM, that have established online collaboration systems and online knowledge management systems will probably have an easier time using Second Life as another outlet for these activities.

3.Considering what you have learned about Second Life, how could you, as an individual, create a modest start-up business on the Grid? What goods would you sell? Why would this be a good choice of product? What, in simple terms, would your business plan...
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