Is Science Compatible with Traditional and Cultural Practices?

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Logic Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: April 23, 2012
One of the greatest controversies of the twenty first century is the compatibility of science with traditional and cultural practices. Time and time again, cosmopolitan groups of scientists, philosophers, among others have delved into this issue. While some believe that science is compatible with traditional and cultural practices, others fully counter this. To answer this question, I shall elaborate on the various instances when science has shown signs of compatibility with traditions and cultures as well as give my views on the instances when incompatibility arises. Starting from the side which supports the compatibility of science with traditions and cultures, the most obvious reason which explains this compatibility would be because cultural and traditional practices use science in many cases. Technology, which has sprung from science is today being used to a large extent by priests to transmit their cultures and traditions. In every human race, the religious figures promulgate prayers and talks on ethics through radios and televisions. To add spice to this argument, even the world famous priest Ramdev has a page on facebook! It is thus, in this case, a fair claim to say that since those who accept traditions are not discarding products of science ,compatibility exists. However, the incompatibility of science with traditions and cultures has been noticed in terms of adherence. Science adheres people via logical thinking, education and by bringing the hard grounded facts in front of people. Compulsion is not needed to make them subscribe to scientific theories. On the other hand, traditions and cultures adhere the public through day devoted meetings. To be strictly critical, it involves the hammering down of illogical practices into people’s minds through a sort of concept marketing. In this case, incompatibility arises with regard to the way in which people are attracted to these issues. Coming back to the side for the...
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