Is Samba Diallo a Victim of Circumstances in ' L'Aventure ambigue' ?

Pages: 3 (1129 words) Published: May 16, 2006
‘Samba Diallo is the victim of forces beyond his control'. Discuss this view of the protagonist of L'aventure ambiguë.

In L'aventure ambiguë, the colonization of Senegal by the French have led to different and often conflicting views from different characters, clashes of different cultures and practices of religion, as well as the education that was provided by the Diallobé and from the new foreign schools. These few examples are useful in explaining the term ‘victim', i.e. what he is a victim of, and later on how these forces may have influenced him over the course of the story. To simplify this essay, my essay will be focused mainly on ‘Westernisation' and 'Africanism', as I believe that all these factors come under those headings. Along the essay, I will analyze how may have been the ‘victim of forces beyond his control'.

Victim, according to the Oxford English Reference Dictionary is defined as "a person … harmed … in pursuit … in gratification of a passion." Seemingly, this is a term often associated with negativity, and in this essay we will also explore whether he has suffered negatively or benefited from his contrasting experiences in France and in the country of the Diallobé.

Westernisation may have been rather captivating for Samba Diallo, and one of the most significant reasons may be the use of literature in the European world and the African world. In chapter 6 of part II, Samba Diallo explains to Adèle how he was fascinated, but at the same time defeated the country of the Diallobé with the introduction of the European language. With this new tool, one was able to communicate through written words which in turn were able to form speeches. In contrast, the language of the Diallobé was characterised by the use of oral communication. Consequently, Africans felt that their language was lacking, and thus could not compete with this new language as it was more established and more useful. One was able to transmit advanced knowledge between one...
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