Is Religion Important? Why or Why Not?

Topics: Nation, Form of the Good, Russia Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Theology 100
Father O’Leary
Final Exam Questions
1. Is Religion important? Why or why not?
2. Would anything change if the Tomb of Jesus was discovered and the bones within were proven to be his? 3. Think a bit about your talents and abilities. Do you think that one of more of these talents you possess could serve the common good of the society in which you live? 4. Think a bit about the talents or skills that either you have not yet developed or do not think you possess. Is there a way for you to either compensate for what you don’t have or develop what you wish to have? 5. Imagine that you have died and your obituary has been published in the local newspaper. What would it say? In other words, write your obituary.

1. In my opinion, yes, religion is important, because it gives a lot of people a guideline to live by. For many people their morals are determined by the religion they believe in. In more extreme cases such as in Islam, religion even sets laws for the people and their countries. Religion also gives meaning to many people lives, because it answers questions like “How were we created?”. Religion also connects people all over the world, and gives them a common thing to unite over. It has created a type of universal state, where people share the same language and culture even though they aren’t of the same nationality. In physical terms, religion also provides jobs for thousands of people. Also, religious institutions give shelter and food to people in need everyday. Religion is a history. Religion has been followed for thousands of years, and it should be conserved as a monument in the museum. 2. If the tomb of Jesus were found, it would change the world. Right now there are so many different versions of “who we are” and “how we came to be” that finding his bones would help clarify some of those questions. We could use the knowledge we would learn from finding his tomb to decipher what answers we have about...
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