"Is Racism a Permanent Feature of American Society?”

Topics: White people, Race and Ethnicity, Black people Pages: 2 (900 words) Published: September 20, 2013
The situation dealing with racism became alive at the start of slavery. The whites controlled the blacks years ago and today in some parts of America it is still happening. Racism had split today’s society into two parts. One side is the blacks and the other side is the whites. If you are not African American or Caucasian, then whatever the color of your skin is, that determined what side you was placed on. Some say that in the twenty-first century, racism is still in Americans Society. Those people are totally right, but the question is will racism be a permanent feature of Americans society. After reading Dinesh D’Souza’s response to the previous question, there is more than enough evidence to say that racism will not be a permanent feature in America’s society. Black people do crime and white people see it on television. White people do everything and anything that they can to keep blacks out of sight. If that’s following a black man around the store, or not hiring any black people to work for the whites, but a white person is always going to think twice about associating with blacks. A black man walks into a shoe and he is followed all around the store by a white man. The white man is not too close the black man but he is close enough that the black man knows that he is getting followed. All the way until the black man gets to the register and pays for his items. Then the white man says to the black man, “Have a nice day and come back soon.” The first thing that this black man thinks is that the white man was a racists person. But he was unaware about the other black man that came in before him that stole five pairs of shoes, and just walked right out the front door without paying. The only reason the white man was following the black man was because he did not want to get robbed again. The black man did not know that, so that’s why he felt as though the white man was racists. All whites are not racist but it’s just the bad things that...
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