Is Proof of the existence of God Neccessary? or Are Science and religion in conflict

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Is Proof For The Existence Of God Necessary? Or Are Science And Religion In Conflict?

Is Proof For The Existence Of God Necessary? Or Are Science And Religion In Conflict?

Mankind is created in the image of God does not actually refers to the biological or the bodily forms as God is a spirit. The manly body does not belong to the image since God has no body as described earlier. One of the theologists suggests that Adam resembled Christ more than Christ would have resembled his own half brothers. The main aspect of the image in God deals with the fact that God endues some of his divine characteristics to the man. This, therefore, demarcates man from the beasts and other creatures of the earth (Gardiner, 2002). There are different opinions regarding this notion amongst the Christians as to what exactly image in God means. As man was made in the image of God so whoever sheds man’s blood, his blood will also be shed. As every single individual is made in the image of God, everyone should be treated equally. Moreover, man should be treated with honor and dignity because they reflect God. We know that many people on this course of the earth are full of evil and hatred, and we should try our best to treat all of them equally. The term “image in God” has been mentioned in Bible thrice. In genesis, it has been illustrated that man was created in the image of God. In Cor., a phrase proved that Jesus was actually the “Image of God”. These two verses can mean that God’s character and attributes are reflected directly in man. This cannot be related with a physical appearance surely as Jesus remarks in John that God is a spirit and spirits are not made up of bones and flesh. Thus, one can say that image of God totally deals with God’s reflection in man (Lewis C., 2005)

Discussion and Analysis
A vocation can be defined as a call or summon. It can be regarded as an occupation for which a man is perfectly suitable. The meanings of this term first emerged from Christianity. However, it has been used in the non-religious contexts often as well. The general idea of vocation is centrally based over the Christian belief that God has created every single person with a specific cause. God has bestowed man with gifts and talents that are specifically oriented towards ways and purposes of life. In the Catholic Churches, the whole idea behind the vocation is the divine call associated to the Church and humanity. More specifically, we can say that Christian vocation mainly deals with the use of one’s gifts in their professional life, family and church in order to achieve the greater source of good (Kelly, 2002). Thus, God in His creative purpose has created man by His own image. God’s grand design of a man narrates His uniqueness. All of humanity is made in the image of God. Genesis tells that God created man from His own image and His own likeness. This can be regarded as an important scripture. Man in God’s image or Imago Dei should be primarily related to man’s relation to God. It suggests moreover that man should strive to be relational (Fry D., 200). Many people in this world are enduring with poverty, terrorism, and continuously suffering from diseases of all kinds. These calamities depict evil at their intense, nonetheless evil is far more extreme than these. Evil is somewhat factually spread in the whole world. However, eventually evil does not triumph. Human beings are not evils. Because of the fact, that we withdraw ourselves from Hitler and Pol Pot. We admire Mother Theresa and Ghandi. Yet, people are committing wrong deeds such as, put own wants ahead of the others welfare, and even ahead the welfare of the planet. Evil is the most mystifying feature of the human being’s life (Kelly, 2002). There is one way to protect human beings from evil and nefarious deeds, which is accepting the concept of existence of God. According to Christian point of view, God is the concept of sovereign...

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