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Is Pornography Harmful To Women?

By aquinosanjose Apr 28, 2012 940 Words

I oppose pornography because women are presented dehumanized as sexual objects, things in scenarios of degradation, injury, and torture. The harm from pornography is not easily traced to a single source. Hymowitz and Cleveland go to great lengths to point out the complexity of the problem of pornography, that harm ensues not just because of what the content of pornography is, but also because of how the messages of pornography contribute to the social fabric of male hegemony. "Pornography hurt women, including me. As a woman." If, as has been argued, pornography's harm is intimately connected to social practices, then perhaps blame for this harm cannot be pinpointed to pornography alone, or any particular source of pornography. Pornography creates a world where sexual brutality is legitimized and even celebrated. In this world, no matter how cruelly you treat a woman. She is always available for any man and will do whatever he wants. Pornography gives women a distorted image of sex. They think something is wrong with them not responding to women in the movies. Of course the porn stars are getting paid to look excited, but many people think that pornography is a reflection of reality rather than a carefully constructed image. Some wonder why part of the political movement dedicated much energy to the suppression of pornography, since other issues - such as abortion and defense mechanisms to promote women's equal in the workplace and the political world - seem much more burning when it comes to gender equality. But the point is that, for feminists who advocate censorship, these problems we consider the largest and most visible are closely related to pornography. We know that social inequalities between the sexes manifest themselves in political life, social and economic life and also in private and intimate life. However, part of the feminist movement believes that sexuality occupies the summit of the architecture of this inequality. In my opinion the sale of female sexuality represents inequality parent, the element whose importance stems from the fact that she is intrinsically vile, but also for its consequences, the origin of all the other countless forms of inequality between genders.


I agree with Dority when she said, “ Pornography is not violence stopping it will not stop violence.” In my opinion there is absolutely no evidence that pornography does anything negative to women. It is a moral issue. Consumers of pornography did not display negative attitudes toward women. Some pornography I think are repulsive and repugnant, other pornography it is art. Nobody is forced to view pornography. Pornography is okay as long as it's consensual and the actors are of legal age, of course. Pornography provides an easy release for pent-up sexual frustration. While a large part of sexual crime does not directly have anything with pornography. It’s more about power and control.

The idea that the mere existence of porn is degrading to women both as individuals and as class is a red herring. Degrading is a subjective term, a statement of feeling about a thing, an opinion rather than a fact. Using this word exposes the person using it more than it reveals any truth about porn.  Any feelings, thoughts or fantasies, of which women and men are capable, are appropriate subjects for art. Something as important to our species as sex is a natural inspiration for creative expression of all types. How one views the underlying subject of a piece of art, whether it be popular or fine, reflects that person’s upbringing. Pornography, by its very definition, deals directly and unapologetically with the sexual realm in all its complexity and contradiction. When it comes to anything sexual, our cultural tensions are stretched between stubborn Puritanical prohibitions and robust individualistic hedonism. 

When viewing depictions of the latter, the attitudes and judgments of the former can be triggered in those who still influenced by those views, knowingly or not. Just saying something is degrading does not make it so. This value-laden assertion is most often made regarding materials taken out of context, often by those who deliberately manipulate the content in the service of an existing prejudice. We live in an open, pluralistic society and are not going to like everything we see. That’s a small price to pay for enjoying the freedoms of constitutional government. If people find porn degrading, they should not look at it. Pornography is a parallel of race discrimination. Women have come a long way in our world and they should not let something like get in the way of their equality


Cleveland said, “ I am strongly pro choice, pro-environment, anti-marriage, anti-capitalist, and extremely supportive of lesbian and gay rights”. And Pat Roberston said, “ Feminists leave husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians”. I do no agree with both them. They are radicals and liberalists. Firsts Cleveland is too liberal and Roberston is too conservative. I do no think when women leave her husband become lesbians. The lesbians were born that way. They leave their husband to support equality between men and women, the dignity, respect for human rights, freedom and autonomy of each person, and other democratic principles. I agree with equity right feminism because, they celebrate women's achievements, work for the individual rights of all women. I want for women what they want for everyone, equal protection under the law. Though not all feminists agree. We do need the achievement of social, political, economic, and intellectual reform. We do not need radicals and too liberalist.

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