Is Population Control Necessary: Benefits and Limitations

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What is Population control? It is essential to control the growth of a human population. The world population is much higher now compared to last time. The difference can be seen everywhere now. In malls or in parks, there are more and more people. This situation is much worse for countries such as China and India which has the highest population figures. Population control can bring about many benefits as well as some limitations.

Robert Malthus states the need for population control in his theory of population. He stated that human population grows exponentially while food production grows at an arithmetic rate. This means that the population can increase at a swifter rate than the food production. Malthus predicted a future where humans will have no resources to survive on. Hence to avoid such a catastrophe, Malthus urged the importance of population growth.

Overpopulation leads to a diminished quality of life. There are ubiquitous traffic jams, long queues and crowded public areas in most of the major cities in the world. It is common now to hear of accidents on the road or riots taking place. Overpopulation leads to poverty and unemployment. India can be used as a reference. There are currently about one billion people in India alone. Despite being rich in natural resources, this nation is regarded as a third world country as majority of its population lives within the poverty belt. Moreover, the government is not successful in educating Indian masses on the necessity of birth controls. Overpopulation also determines the ration of population available to sustainable resources like clean water, food and shelter. The higher the population, the more it burdens resources like medical care, education and proper sewage treatment. Jobs are also hard to find today. Despite having multiple degrees, it isn’t easy for someone to get a job or pay...
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