Is Photography an Art

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Is photography an art?
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First Part
For long, different experts have argued about the nature of photography. Photography is all about the moments that are captured in the photographs. It is about the emotion and the feelings of people that are being conveyed by the means of photographs. This all signifies that photography is an art. Many researchers have done their work in this field of defining the nature of photography. It is believed that photography has its roots in paintings, which is an art. Many experts have therefore inference that photography is also an art.

It is very difficult to put any boundary on the spread of photography. Photography is an art though the way photography is done may be science. Fundamentally speaking it is an art but with advancement in technologies and invention of digital cameras a good deal of science is associated with this art. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the science has brought this art forward. In the time to come its is expected that this art of photography would function with the support of science and many artists would continue to do the art work in this field of photography.

Basically there are three main parts of arts. These are artist, medium and art work. All three are interrelated and basic understanding of art is that artist uses the medium to produce the artwork. For more than one and a half century photography has struggled to be called as fine art. In fact research has shown that many of the great photographers of 19th and 20th century has deliberately produced the images that are soft on focus so that photography can be thought of as near to painting and it can be classified as art. Second Part

Study 1
D. A. SPENCER. (23rd Jan 1953). Photography and its uses. In undefined. Retrieved 27th may 2013, from Source: Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, Vol. 101, No. 4891(23rd JAN 1953), pp 141-146

The study started with the history of photography and continued to demonstrate the basics of photography. The author is of the opinion that photography is not mere an art but today government and many other organizations use it. It would not be incorrect to say that as per author photography is more than art. Today it has various scientific applications. New techniques like air photography and radiography is used in war times and it provides much needed support to military and government. Strengths and Weakness

Author said that photography as understood by layman is amateur photography and in fact advance or real photography is difficult to learn and known to some. The biggest strength of the study is the way author has presented the varied uses of photography. This study made clear that photography is not only about taking the pictures of family, friends and nature. One weakness of study is that it has not focused on the soft side (art side) of the photography. Conclusion

The study concluded with the theory that photography is definitely more than art and amateur photographs should not waste the required resources for photography. In fact people should learn photography as a technique and then should use photography to help the nation. Study 2

Peter C. Bunnel. (1992). Pictorial Photography. In The art of Pictorial Photography. Retrieved 27th may 2013
This study focused on the pictorial form of photography. The author pointed out that in the field of photography a paradigm shift occurred in the late 19th century when pictorial photography gained momentum. The author is of the opinion that objects plays a very critical role in pictorial...
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