Is Mr Rochester the Man for Jane?

Topics: Jane Eyre, Governess, Charlotte Brontë Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Is Mr Rochester the man for Jane?

Mr Rochester is not the man for Jane because he is nearly twice Jane’s age. ‘ Oh yes. But you see there is a considerable difference in age. Mr Rochester is nearly forty; she is but twenty-five.’ In Jane’s monologue she states ‘ You, a favourite with Mr Rochester? You gifted with the power of pleasing him? You of importance to him in any way? Go! Your folly sicken me.’ Why would Jane be doubting herself so much if she really loved him. She has never come across such a man and doesn’t not know how to feel around him. Jane is a Governess and Mr Rochester is her boss a figure of authority and there is a clear line in the working environment that should never be crossed. They should not be together. Jane saves him twice once when he slid on some ice when they first met, and then she put out a fire that was in his room. Usually it’s would be the man saving and sweeping the woman off her feet but it’s the other way round here. Mr Rochester makes Jane jealous when he invites his aristocrat friends over and sings a duet with Blanche Ingram Jane’s rival. Mrs Ingram is more of the right sort for Mr Rochester status wise and importance. ‘Blanch, an accomplished lady of rank,’ Jane says in her monologue. ‘Mr Rochester, I thought you were not fond of children?’ ‘Nor am I’. So if Mr Rochester was ever to take it any further with Jane then they will not have children. Every girl wants the perfect husband or partner, live in a elaborate fairly tale type house and have children the fairy tale ending, he obviously is not the right man for Jane. Mrs Ingram genuinely doesn’t like Jane, when they decide they are going to play charades Mr Rochester says ‘Will you play?’ Lady Ingram interrupts ‘No, she looks too stupid for any game of the sort.’ Mr Rochester pretends to marry Lady Ingram in the game to make Jane jealous. Mr Rochester is very devious and disguises himself to be a gypsy in order to try and get to know more about Jane but his plan...
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