Is menstrual supression a good idea?

Topics: Menstrual cycle, Combined oral contraceptive pill, Menstruation Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: November 10, 2013
I’m sure that most women would agree that Aunt Flow’s visit every 28 days isn’t exactly the highlight of our month. On top of the fact that it is super inconvenient, it comes along with aches, pains, cramps, expenses, and lets not forget those mood swings. I can’t say that I have ever met a woman who said that she had an enjoyable menstrual cycle.

I obviously wasn’t around when this happened, but I can only imagine the excitement that arouse during the release of birth control pills. Not only do women take these magical little capsules to keep from getting pregnant, but for many females taking the pill has many other benefits as well. For those ladies that suffer with irregular and unreliable periods, the pill might be for you. It gets your cycle on track so between you and your special color-coded tablets, you’ll never be startled by an early period again. Birth control pills also have proven to lighten the load for those heavy flowers out there along with making it shorter. They also protect against many things such as menstrual cramps, acne, bone thinning, endometrial and ovarian cancers, serious infections in the ovaries, tubes, and uterus, and also our favorite premenstrual symptoms including headaches and depression.

Now all of this is great but what if you could go even further and eliminate the whole process all together? Well, amazingly enough, you can! A month’s packet of birth control pills typically consists of 21 days of active pills, which contain hormones that prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs. Next these are followed by seven days of placebos, during which the body carries on as if having a regular menstrual cycle. Many women these days are taking power into their own hands by skipping out on the placebos and starting in on the next month’s supply of pills so as to miss out on their period all together.

In recent years there's been increased debate over suppressing monthly periods so they occur far less frequently. New pills are...
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