Is Mcdonald's Sustainable?

Topics: Renewable energy, Energy, Sustainability Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Mallorie Goguen
Why McDonald’s current practices are not sustainable?
MSCI has given McDonald’s a rating of ‘A’ based on its performance. This rating was given based on key performance indicators. They are as follows: * Product Quality & Safety
* Labor-Management Relations
* Workforce Diversity
* Management of Environmental Issues
* Resource Management & Use
McDonald’s has highlights in each of these categories, but this does not make them sustainable. Within product quality and safety, McDonald’s has begun introducing nutritious items to the menu as well as posting nutrition information on their food labels. They have gone beyond their competitors in the area of employee training and their efforts to develop, retain and promote talented managers. The workplace throughout the corporation continues to be diverse and has a strong record for licensing franchise to African Americans. McDonald’s management of environmental issues includes monitoring their own performance and incorporating environmental decisions when they choose their suppliers. For resource management, they have started using recycled material for packaging, offering organic coffees and including environmental features into their stores. However, McDonald’s is not a sustainable company. There are approximately 32,000 McDonald’s restaurants throughout the world. This creates challenges in energy management and they have a high energy-related risk. Even so, McDonald’s has a weak climate change policy. Within their policy, they say they have a commitment to reduce operational GHG omissions, but there is no evidence to prove they are using GHG Reporting Protocol in its GHG reporting. Their programs to use renewable energy are also weak. They have said it is not a priority but will make an effort to take steps in a direction including renewable energy sources. Only 5% of McDonald’s energy is from renewable resources. There are also no known programs to manage and reduce...
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