Is Mathilde Loisel in "The Necklace" a Sympathetic Character?

Topics: Marriage, Love, Money Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Mathilde Loisel is not a sympathetic character in “The Necklace” because of her materialistic and selfish motives. She is not just poor financially but also in character. She is always dissatisfied with her life. Nice clothes, expensive jewelry, a beautiful house, more furniture and rich friends are the only things she loves in her life. Moreover, she is not a sympathetic character because she disrespects her loving husband. In spite of having a kind, generous, loyal and hard working husband she never stops complaining about him. Mr. Loisel works hard in the evening and sometimes at night as well in order make their life easier. Yet, Mathilde is self-centered and never realizes the problems her husband has to go through to ensure her happiness. Mr. Loisel expects his wife to be thrilled when he gives her invitation to the Ministry’s party. Instead, she throws the invitation in his face for not having a suitable dress and jewelry for the function. He buys her a dress with the money he has saved for a gun. Also after the party, he goes to look for the lost necklace at four in the morning and spends his ten years to pay the debt incurred by a lost necklace. He does everything possible to fulfill her demands and to make her happy. But she didn’t feel his love and devotion for her. Also, in the other way she is too proud because she doesn’t tell Madame Forestier about the lost necklace at first. Because of Mathilde’s greed and pride she and her husband have to spend a miserable life. Therefore, the reader should not feel any pity for her.
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