Is Math Worth Studying for?

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Is Math worth studying for?

Is math worth studying for? What would the US look like if mathematics were not a high school graduation requirement? There can be several of opinions but only two options: take mathematics or not. But keep in mind that UC’s and CSU’s still require three years of mathematics. There are two kinds of people who are against taking math and who are in favor taking math.

The stubborn people will take advantage of this opportunity and not take math. They will complete high school and reach their graduation. But once they try to apply for UC’s and CSU’s, they will not be permitted because of their requirements. After they realize their mistake, they will regret not taking mathematics while they had the chance.

The smart ones will take the course, not caring if its required or not required for graduation. But, if they are desperate to get accepted to a good UC or CSU school, they’ll do whatever it takes to get there, even if it means taking math.

Despite the requirements for colleges, math is an important resource for our lives. Everything we use, do or see involves math. The architecture of many buildings involve math, or else the house would be slanted and crooked. When it comes to financial needs, we use math to calculate how much is spent and how much could be saved.

Although math would not be required for graduation, it would be required for UC’s and CSU’s. If you were interested in those specific colleges, math would be required. But if you’re not, not required but strongly recommended. Keep in mind that the world we live involves a lot of math. Some students may say, “Why do we learn Calculus if we’re never going to use it in life?” I sometimes have the same question, but I believe someday in our lives, there will be need for math.
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