Is Marketing Ethical

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Marketing Pages: 3 (702 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Is marketing ethical or not?

Ethics may have many definitions, as it may differ from each one’s own perspective. But, generally speaking, ethics can be defined as the standards that separate the right from the wrong. Ethical marketing does not go far from this definition. It is mainly about what makes marketing morally right. More customers now focus more on organizations that highly focus on marketing ethics.

It is clear that ethical marketing is one of the most important aspects that any organization considers when building its image. However, what makes it difficult is what it requires to guarantee the best strategies to be ethical. In other words, meeting the expectations of the customers and being ethical at the same time is a crucial point when it comes to any organization’s decision making. At this point, we have to ask ourselves, how many of these firms achieve their goals, and are really ethical? Is marketing really ethical or not?

The first goal from a marketing perspective is to achieve the best selling outcomes and achieving a higher profit, then after comes the customer. Obviously, achieving this aim may not always be ethical. Taking our daily television advertising, we can clearly notice that many ads are not necessarily ethical. For example, using sexual appeal is for sure not good for any child to watch. However, even though marketing may seem to be unethical, we should not neglect the fact that is ruled by many standards and laws that any firms should respect

Well-being in one of the most important factors the have the highest value in any marketing activity, so normally products and services are supposed to bring a positive additional value for the costumer, however; some ethical issues arise when some products are more likely to harm the customer for instance, alcohol and tobacco. In addition to the use of pesticides (Smith & Quelch, 1993, in Siems, F. et al. 2010) As stated in journal of relation ship marketing being truthful...

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