Is Lying Ever Necessary

Topics: Lie, Truth, Logic Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: December 11, 2011
Is Lying Ever Necessary?
Some people may tell a white lie every once in a while, and others lie every waking moment of their lives. Some people find lying addictive, and in other cases lying is highly frowned upon in some peoples religions. Personally, I don’t lie very often but when I do it’s for a good reason. Although many may think there is never a good reason for lying, I believe it is.

Lying is okay under certain circumstances, but people in today’s society don’t usually follow those circumstances. Lies that benefit one’s own wants and needs are most likely not good and unnecessary. If a murderer was to ask you where the person they’re looking for is hiding, your initial thought is to lie, and send them in the wrong direction. Lying, in this case is somewhat necessary and okay. But then, let’s say you’re walking around campus minding your own business on your way to class and you see someone drop money out of their back pocket. Then, you see someone else walk up and pick up the money. You are the closest person they see so they ask you if you had dropped the money. In this case, your initial thought would be to lie as well, which is what happens in most cases, but being sincere in this situation and telling the truth would be the right thing to do. Lying to a spouse or a loved one is wrong, but it’s done every day. Politicians are the best liars there are, they stretch truths and switch up words to sound positive. Lying can be harmful at times because it only results in a bigger web of lies which is impossible to get out of. At that point you either tell the truth or continue adding to your web of lies. The question is, is lying ever necessary, and the answer is not yes or no, the answer all depends on the persons judgment and the situation at hand.
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