Is Joe Biden the Man?

Topics: Democratic Party, Barack Obama, Joe Biden Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Jesse Sallee
English 103-55
Nicole Pena
8/31/12Is Joe Biden the man?
So far this year, the news stations have been reporting hardly anything but politics. The reason politics are the talk of the nation is because of the upcoming presidential race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. News stations are not the only places that political opinions can be found—newspapers, magazines, tabloids, etc. provide a source of information as well.

In this particular political cartoon (pictured at right), the artist is making an argument about President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The cartoon was created with the intention of revealing that the Democratic Party is trying to get rid of Vice President Joe Biden because they believe he is no longer qualified for the job. The artist appeals to many senses through the use of color, drawings, and text.

When initially looking at this cartoon, people are immediately drawn to the man standing in the middle of the swamp holding what appears to be a phone. The man is wearing a white dress shirt, a red and blue tie, and dress pants. The man has a very long face and white hair. People that are familiar with the physical appearances of political figures can automatically identify this man as Vice President Joe Biden.

Upon further inspection of the cartoon, the next thing that pops out is the background. Joe Biden is in a swamp with a bunch of alligators and plants. The main colors used in the illustration are different shades of greens and browns. This makes Biden look very out of place due to the contrasting colors of his outfit and his environment. He is dressed like he is ready for a board meeting—not like he should be spending time in the middle of a swamp. The artist also shows a grey sky in the background, which alludes to the fact that something bad could potentially happen. The last and most important thing that can be seen in the cartoon is the text under it and in the speech bubble. The...
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