Is Jesus's Resurrection Based on Religion or Science?

Topics: Jesus, Resurrection of Jesus, Christianity Pages: 4 (1292 words) Published: October 26, 2005
Research Paper - Summa Theologica

Is Jesus's resurrection based on religion or science?

What religion (Christianity) says:
•Christ resurrected from the dead.
•Christ was the Son of God so he had supernatural powers.
•Christ came back to the disciples.
•Jesus predicted his death and resurrection.

What science says:
•Christ didn't resurrect from the dead.
•It is physically impossible and contrary to the laws of nature. •There isn't any concrete evidence.
•There wasn't any witness that saw Jesus resurrect from his tomb.

My Created Explanation:
•Jesus's resurrection is based on both religion and science. •Science says that it is impossible, so the only way that one could resurrect is by supernatural powers. This agrees with religion.

In life, there are many questions that just can't seem to have just one answer. For example, take the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. It seems pretty easy, but when you really think about it, there are two very logically correct answers. Started by Thomas Aquinas, many people began trying to combine both answers to come up with a totally new answer: one that has both sides in it. In other words, Aquinas first posed a question, then cited sources that offered opposing opinions on the question, and finally reconciled them by arriving at his own conclusion. So, by using this method, I'm trying to attempt to answer a very controversial question, one that has both religious and scientific sides.

In the famous movie, Passion of the Christ, it mainly shows the crucifixion of the Christ, but it doesn't really focus that much on a crucial thing that goes along with the crucifixion of the Christ. That crucial thing is the resurrection. The fact that Jesus's resurrection is so controversial and doesn't have a definite answer, sometimes; it's hard to explain Jesus's resurrection. But, using the method that Thomas Aquinas used, I will try to explain the truth behind the resurrection. This is...
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