Is it worth it to go to a university?

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Is it worth it to go to a university?
Professor: Mr Ryan Daniels
Course: College Writing
Name: Tony ( Zihao Tu)
Date : 02/27/2014
From the survey, I want to show that it is still worth it to go to university. Accurately statistics give me the real answer to this question. Different people give different answers to me, and I want to show all of my questions and my own point of view of myself. I wanted to come straight to the first question to ask people "Do you think it is worth it to pay expensive tuition fees to go to university?"Few people against paying too much money to go to university, they do not think it is worth it. However most of people think that it is worth to go to universities with paying lots of money. I guess they may have the opinion that they can earn the money back in the future, though some people are still not sure about this question, whether it is worth it to go to a university. The second question I want to explain at first, there are a lot of differences from universities and colleges in China. The question is "What do you think the differences between college and university?". The universities are more comprehensive, with lots of majors. They also think the professors, teachers ,and the quality of universities are better than those of colleges in China. However, colleges are more professional. People just need shorter time to graduate from colleges. I also agree with the points of theirs, I think one of the most important differences between colleges and universities is atmosphere. In Chinese universities, you can see most of students are busy with their studying, they will work hard to enrich themselves. By contrast, in colleges, they will be busy with their friends, their computer games and something that wastes time. On the other hand, the difference between universities and colleges in America is not quite obvious, for example, Massachusetts College and Dartmouth College are the...
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