Is It Possible To Empathize With A Character That Has Done The Unthinkable

Topics: Plato Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Clas 121
Day 5
Is it possible to empathize with a character that has done the unthinkable? Characters who do the unthinkable usually lack moral and ethic sense. It is very difficult to empathize for someone of that nature because they have only stricken negative feelings in the audience. Because of their lack of right and wrong that makes them do the unthinkable, it is not possible to empathize for the character. The fact that it is unthinkable means that it will come as a shock and the audience will be surprised with the act because they literally couldn’t have thought of the character doing what he/she did. The audience will be disgusted with the character for doing such an act and because of this reason it is not likely to empathize for the character. Doing the unthinkable displays a lack of conscious of the character and creates more undesirable feelings in the audience for the character. An example of this is in the book, The Ender’s Game, where the general, Hyrum Graff, manipulated Ender and his team to kill off an entire alien race. This act is unthinkable because the general manipulated the kids to perform genocide. There is no possible way the audience can empathize with the general because of his horrible and ghastly act. Although, there can be an argument where we can empathize with the character if the charter had a passionate reason for doing the unthinkable. If the character has a reason that is heart-felting then the audience can feel for the character and that way the audience can empathize with him/her when he/she does the unthinkable. The only way to empathize with a character that does the unthinkable is if the audience can feel for the character’s reason for doing such an act. If the audience deems the reason acceptable to react upon then it will be easy to empathize for the character doing the unthinkable act. But also if the character doesn’t have a legitimate reason for doing the unthinkable then it is close to impossible to empathize...
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