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Is It Important to Question the Ideas and Decisions of People in Positions of Authority?

By aStudyingStudent Aug 12, 2013 288 Words
Is it important to question the ideas and decisions of people in positions of authority? I believe it is. While rules are meant to be followed, there should always be a reason behind that rule. There are instances where the rule is deemed by society as "unfair" or "bias." There are other instances where the rules can be detrimental to the people following them.

Let's take a trip back to the 60's. Remember Rosa Parks? She was arrested for refusing to give up her seat. Remember Ruby Bridges? She, a black child, was tormented because she attened an Elementary school for white students only. Now these may seem like trivial things, but if these two, along with many other Civil Rights Activists never challenged authority, segregation in the United States may have continued up to this day.

When thinking about rules that can be detrimental to society, I can't help but remember two books that represent this idea perfectly: Battle Royale, and The Hunger Games. In both books, The government forces civilians to fight to the death in an arena, and only one contestant may live. In both books, more than one contestant broke the rules and survived the game. Had they followed the rules and "played the game", one can only imagine the physical and mental injuries they would have endured. Disobeying authority and rebelling actually saved their lives, along with many other potentially endangered lives as well.

I do believe that rules are meant to be followed, but I also believe that there should always be a reason behind them. I always question authority if I think that its decisions and intentions aren't beneficial to me - whether those decisions or intentions are trivial or extreme.

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